Take Action to Access New Affordable Housing Funds through HB 1406

This year the Washington State Legislature passed House Bill 1406, allowing local jurisdictions to retain a portion of the State sales tax to use for affordable housing. Not only does this bill create brand new funding for affordable homes without increasing local taxes, it is an opportunity for local jurisdictions to bond against a 20-year revenue stream and build more homes immediately. Should they choose to, local governments also have the option to pool their resources through interlocal agreements to achieve a regional impact.

Local governments must take action!
In order to access funds per HB 1406, a county or city must take two timely steps.
  • First, it must pass a resolution of intent to use the funds by January 27, 2020.
  • Second, after passing a resolution, it must pass a local ordinance to enact the funding by July 27, 2020. If local governments act quickly, they can access the funding as soon as September 2019!
Note: Because of an issue with the bill language, we are first encouraging counties to enact the funds. If a county does not enact a local ordinance per HB 1406 by the deadline, cities without a qualifying local tax (Housing Levy, .1% Sales Tax, or MIDD) will lose the authority to use 1406 funds.

The purpose of the map below is to track the local progress in your area around HB 1406 funding.
Click on a county to view its status and details about which cities have taken action.
Click here to contact your local elected officials and tell them to take advantage of this funding opportunity while they have the chance!

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Please help us track statewide progress

Has your county or city taken action? Please let us know so that we can keep the map as up-to-date as possible. To update us on the passage of a local resolution or local ordinance, or if you have any questions, please email John Stovall at johns@wliha.org.